Hello all my magical lovlies, this is just a quick update/notice of hiatus.

First of all, wow, 335 followers! When I started this blog back in late January because I wanted gorgeous, credited, Madoka art I could reblog, I never thought it would become as popular as it has. And alas, I’ve been truly remiss in welcoming all of you to my little side blog, so this is me opening my arms and saying, ‘Thank you for making a contract with me!’ <333

Secondly, yes, you read the title right, I’m going on a short hiatus. For a week starting this Thursday, there will be no updates from me as my queue will have run out and I wont have time to update. You see, I’ve been accepted to study abroad in Japan for 6 months starting this September and my paperwork that I need to apply for my visa came in, so I need to focus on submitting everything and then booking my flights! But if I get everything finished ahead of schedule, you can expect to see new posts from me as early as next weekend!

So enjoy the last few posts and until next time, stay magical~ /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\